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My Boyfriend Just Broke Up With Me

My boyfriend just broke up with me but I don't want to break up. He says it's over and doesn't want to work out our problems. What can I do?

How Upset Is He?

Before you do anything you want to get a feel for how upset your boyfriend is, and whether he wants to talk right now. You're going to feel compelled to force him to talk but that's not the way to go.

You will have a chance to talk and voice your opinion but forcing him into a corner and making him talk it out will just make him more upset and make it harder to save the relationship.

If he's hostile, and saying mean things to you, it's likely that there has been some things you've said or done that brought him to that point. Doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong. He could be 100% imagining things or even making things up. It doesn't matter.

All that matters right now, is his state of mind and willingness to talk. If he doesn't want to talk, you have to accept that and prepare for when he DOES want to talk. It doesn't mean you're giving up on the relationship, it means you realize you'll have more success when he's calmed down and sees thing more rationally.

Ask yourself what you'd rather have... Would you rather talk RIGHT NOW, if it means the end of your relationship. Or would you rather wait two weeks, if it means saving your relationship.

That's pretty much what it boils down to. If you force him into a corner because you absolutely need to talk right now, he'll stick to his decision and reinforce the breakup. If you give him a little space, he'll be easier to persuade in one or two weeks. That's the ideal situation.

Your First Step

You want to identify all the little things you're doing wrong and weed out that behavior. Your focus is on saving the relationship, I know. But there are multiple steps to every reconciliation. And the first step is to avoid making your boyfriend more upset. You want to ease his concerns so he'll lower his defenses a little.

So if you're calling him twenty times a day, stop doing that. Same with the emails and texts. That's not the way you get someone to talk to you. When you stop that harassment, guess what usually happens?

Very often, not always, but very often your boyfriend will reach out in one or two weeks and contact you. It's very basic psychology. When you stop chasing him, he needs to know why. There's a lot of women that don't understand "why my boyfriend just broke up with me", but even fewer know exactly how to get him back.

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