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Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend

How do you get back together with your ex boyfriend? What if they don't want to give the relationship another chance and don't return your phone calls? What should I do?

Where Are You In The Breakup?

The first thing you want to do is establish a starting point and from there you can take the best action to get another chance. The absolute first question is whether or not your ex is still talking to you.

Think back to your last encounter, whether it was just a simple phone call or text message. What was their reaction? If your ex boyfriend was upset that you would even contact him then you need to start from the absolute beginning and repair your communication.

If you don't get rid of his anger and hostility, you'll never be able to rebuild his trust enough to give the relationship another chance. So if your boyfriend doesn't want to talk, the solution isn't to contact him more. You need to let him know that the fighing is over and he can let his defenses down.

If your ex boyfriend is on good speaking terms, then you're a step ahead because it means there's less damage control you'll need to take care of. Don't make the mistake of interpreting "willing to talk" with wanting to get back together because they're not the same.

If he's willing to talk to you, then take it at face value and let that be what it means. Don't look for hidden meanings right now, and don't ask to get back together right now because you'll completely strain the communication and he'll start to avoid you like the plague.

If you need help repairing your communication so your ex will start talking to you again, or if you're ready for the next step click the link below.

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