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How Does The Magic Of Making Up Work

How does the magic of making up work and what are the first steps to saving your relationship or reconciling after a breakup?

The magic of making up walks you through common breakup behavior and helps you avoid mistakes that have proven to be roadblocks on the path to reconciliation.

Identifying Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and says things that are counterproductive. It's very common and you see it before and after the breakup. A more complicated problem is when you make a mistake but don't understand what you did wrong.

The guide identifies common responses to a breakup and how they can strain the relationship further.

A quick example is "begging". You may not realize you're doing this. It doesn't mean you're literally on your knees sobbing for forgiveness. A simple statement of agreeing to do anything for a second chance, will be perceived as begging.

It creates a psychological disadvantage and damages your partners perception of you. When they lower their perception of you and your relationship it makes them less interested in reconciling.

A New Beginning

Regardless of how many mistakes you've made, and there are many pitfalls, you can start over and clean the slate.

The guide provides a detailed letter you can customize to your own situation that helps alleviate the tension and wipe away all the mistakes you've already made.

It's a difficult but important step.

Step By Step Reconciling

You'll then be walked through a step by step plan to help save your relationship or reconnect after a breakup. It's important to understand that it will take several weeks to complete the reconciliation.

There isn't a quick one minute solution to solve every breakup. A more detailed explanation can be found in the full magic of making up guide.

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