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How Do You Fix A Long Distance Relationship?

How do you fix a long distance relationship if you don't see each other very often? You don't get the benefit of non-verbal communication to really understand what your partner is thinking or feeling.

They tell you one thing over the phone, or email, but do they mean it?

It's one of the major hurdles when trying to fix a long distance relationship because there are often misunderstandings.

But something much worse happens. You start to "fill in" what your partner is really trying to tell you. It strains the communication further when they think you're trying to put words in their mouth.

So what do you do?

Before making a direct approach and having a conversation about the problems, make sure you have a good understanding of relationship communication. Often, what causes problems isn't the words we use but how we say them and in what context.

Understand your partner will have a positive or negative reaction to every word you choose. You'd be shocked to learn the amount of couples who just "blurt" out whatever they're thinking without taking into consideration what those words mean to their partner.

If you say the wrong phrase, something that triggers intense emotion, it could turn into a bigger argument. You can find a full list of common words and phrases that trigger a backlash response from both men and women in the Magic Of Making Up.

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