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How To Get Your Girlfriend Back After Cheating

My girlfriend won't talk or even look at me, so how do you get your girlfriend back after cheating? I tried saying I was sorry, and I wouldn't do it again, but she won't give me another chance.

How Cheating Changes The Relationship

Even if you only cheated one time, on one night with one bad decision it has the influence to completely change your relationship. Everything is tainted, and she doesn't know what to believe.

Maybe you had a very honest and open relationship where you could talk about anything. That's been wiped away, and the trust that was already established has been brought into question.

Every sentence, every action you take right now is being brought into question. She's hurt and feels betrayed and this is how she expresses those feelings. You're under a microscope because she doesn't trust you anymore.

How Do You Fix It?

It's like climbing a mountain, and you can only do it one step at a time. You can't apologize and go back to the way it used to be. You have to actively demonstrate that you're ready to be faithful to her and only her from now on.

The best course of action is to let her vent and get all that frustration out in the open. If it's still hurting her and she starts screaming and yelling, just stand there and take it. Let her get it out. Do you know why? Because if she holds in all those emotions, it will influence your relationship in other ways.

You don't want her to constantly remind you of her mistake, because she's never addressed how it hurt her. It's better to address it and try to move forward.

Rebuilding her trust is the first step. Don't give her any chance to question your loyalty because a small lie will be blown out of proportion because of what happened.

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