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How To Make My Boyfriend Come Back

Will my boyfriend come back on his own, or is there something I should do to make my boyfriend come back to me?

Some relationships are saved because the boyfriend decides on his own to come back, but it's not a common scenario. Most boyfriend's will try to distance themselves, by limiting contact or completely ignoring you.

What can you do?

The first suggestion is to change the way you view the breakup and reconciliation. When you say, "how can I make my boyfriend come back", you're implying that you're going to do something against his will. It's a very minor detail, but your ex may pick up on that kind of pressure. That you're trying to MAKE him do something he doesn't want to do.

Here's the mindset you want to be in:

Think more in terms of, "How can I PERSUADE my boyfriend to give the relationship another chance". Can you see the difference?

One is a positive action, one is a negative and forceful action. You're going to influence, not force, your boyfriend to come back to you. The very first step you absolutely need to take is to eliminate any hint of pressure.

If you've already asked to get back together, do you know what he's thinking? He's thinking every single contact with you from now on will end up with you asking to get back together. It's pressure, and he doesn't want it.

So you need to convince him that when you see him, when you call or email it's not going to involve any pressure to get back together. It sets up future contact for you to get back together.

If you don't get rid of his expectation of pressure, he'll never lower his defenses and come back to you. The Magic Of Making Up provides a step by step plan others have used to bring their boyfriend back.

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