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How To Settle Argument With A Girlfriend

Most guys don't know how or don't want to settle an argument with a girlfriend if it means admitting they were wrong. The easy way out is to admit to doing something and that your girlfriend is right. It ends the argument and gives your girlfriend the satisfaction of winning the argument.

There are problems with always giving in, however. Eventually your girlfriend will detect your lack of sincerity. That just complicates the problem because it will create a second argument about your scincerity. How do you get out of that never ending loop of agony?

You can't even give up the argument without creating another argument because your girlfriend doesn't believe you.

It also creates another hidden problem that most guys don't consider... It wears you down. You will become accustomed to giving in and eventually either dismiss all arguments because you're just going to give up anyway or you're going to explode. And by explode I mean you will lash out at her and vent all the pent up frustration from the last ten arguments you conceded.

So how do you get past the argument and truly move on?

You have to get past the idea of winning and losing, because it's rarely going to be that simple. And if there is a clear loser in the argument it doesn't solve the problem. It creates the "always right" attitude in the winner and the frustration in the loser.

So put winning and losing aside and focus on solving not just the problem at the source of the argument but your emotions linked to the source.

Often people choose a topic, subconsciously, to vent their anger. Have you ever had a three day argument about an irrational reaction your girlfriend had? Maybe you forgot to close the lid on the trash can and she exploded in your face.

It's not about the trash can. She's choosing the trash can indecent as a reason to vent about a much deeper problem. That's your mission. What is this truly about and can I identify with her problem.

If you can isolate what the source of her anger is, not the surface anger, but the true problem and then identify with her point of view then you've done the hardest part of settling an argument.

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