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How To Stop A Breakup

When you feel the relationship failing all you want to know is how to stop a breakup from happening. Is it even possible?

You're most likely fighting anxiety because you've become anxious and feel pressed for time. You feel the clock ticking and if you don't act fast, it's over forever, right?

It's a very common thought process. It's also why most people don't stop the breakup. They actually speed up the process.

You're using logic and emotion to try and save your relationship, but what you should be doing is trying to understand breakup behavior.

Here's what's happening:

Your ex wants to separate. There are hundreds of reasons for ending the relationship but the common thread is the desire to create distance. So they breakup and expect you to agree.

You DON'T want to breakup and are pleading to stay together. You've either tried calling, emailing or talking to their friends and family repeatedly.

Why won't they give you another chance?

Directly trying to convince them that their decision to breakup is wrong, isn't how you change their mind. You change someone's mind by introducing doubt about the separation.

Not trying to convince them that they made a bad decision to breakup. Just the slightest doubt that they're better off staying together is all you need.

Do you want to know the quickest way to introduce doubt when someone breaks up with you?

By agreeing with them.

Stop arguing, and stop trying to convince them they're wrong. If you agree that taking time apart from the relationship is the right idea, it will instantly create doubt.

It's proven behavior.

They begin to question why YOU want to separate. That's when they begin to ask themselves why you aren't chasing them anymore.

Do you see what just happened to their thought process? Instead of being defensive and not wanting to talk, they're now doubting the decision to breakup.

It gives control back to you. And once you have control you can get them to come back to the relationship.

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