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I Cheated On My Girlfriend

I cheated on my girlfriend and I want her back. So what do you do? How bad is the situation and can you save the relationship?

Below are some relationship tips to help save your relationship after cheating.

Why Did You Cheat?

Try to be as objective as possible. If that means you have to blame yourself, then accept the responsibility. So why did it happen? Was it as simple as giving in to temptation?

Or is there a more serious problem with the relationship that caused you to seek someone else. It's not unusual for couples to become less intimate over time. It's natural relationship progression, it happens for a lot of couples.

Many guys still have that urge though, so they turn to another woman.

Here's where most guys get into trouble... If there was a problem with the relationship, the decision and responsibility of cheating is still entirely yours.

It's a very damaging mistake if you imply it was her fault or try to shift the blame away from yourself and onto the relationship. The best course of action is to accept 100% responsibility and work on the relationship problems from there.

Is It The First Time?

The first time you cheat is painful for your girlfriend. It fractures the trust you've established for years. It tests your bond and relationship like nothing else.

Over time the pain will fade, but not entirely go away. There will always be tension. Her blind trust in you will be gone. It's a mistake that you will have to work to fix for the foreseeable future.

But what happens if it isn't the first time? It's a hole that's very difficult to get out of because you get labeled as no good.

Her friends and family that were once supportive, and may even have tried to keep you together, will now actively try to end the relationship.

If it's the second time you've cheated, there's either something wrong with you or something wrong with the relationship.

What's The First Step To Getting Her Back?

"I cheated on my girlfriend and want her back but don't know what to do".

Sound familiar? The first step, mentioned previously, is to accept full responsibility for the decision to cheat. Many have a hard time with this because they have trouble separating the reason with the decision.

The reason you cheated is often complicated with many factors. But the decision to cheat was entirely yours. Accept it. You're a grown man, and no one forced you to cheat.

You made that decision. Accept it, and let her know you've accepted it. After that has been established it's very important to address the tension and the reasons why you cheated.

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