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I Dumped My Girlfriend Now I Want Her Back

I dumped my girlfriend, now I want her back. How can I convince her to come back after I broke up with her?

The first thing you should try to understand is her thought process and how the breakup effected her. If you understand her reaction, and how it hurt her, you'll know what to say to bring her back without conflict.

When a girl gets dumped it triggers her insecurity. It doesn't matter what the reason is, because she'll likely attach her own in-securities to the breakup which she feels is the cause.

What's she thinking when she gets dumped?

Maybe I'm not pretty enough?
Maybe I'm too fat?
What's wrong with me?

It becomes a very complicated, and sometimes painful examination of who she is and the kind of girlfriend she was. It often takes a very long time for a girl to recover psychologically from being dumped.

Even if she pretends she isn't hurt, she's still questioning why the breakup happened. And most of the time she'll blame herself.

Eventually she does recover from the in-securities, and returns to feeling confident and "normal" again.

But here's the hard part:

She doesn't want to experience those negative feelings she went through after getting dumped. The reason she doesn't come running back, isn't because she doesn't want the relationship to resume, she doesn't want to go through all those painful emotions if she gets dumped again.

She's not just saying no to you -- she's saying no to confronting her own in-securities. There's a very negative association between you, the relationship, and getting emotionally hurt.

If you dumped your girlfriend and want her back, the Magic Of Making Up can show you the exact steps you need to take to bring her back to the relationship.

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