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I Want My Ex Wife Back

I want my ex wife back but she says it's over. How can I get her back and what should I do?

The legal separation is pretty obvious, but it's the psychological impact that most don't know how to address. She thinks it's over, and the divorce is her admitting that the marriage was a mistake.

How do you change that?

The reason people separate is because their "perception" has changed. They don't view you the same at the end of the relationship as they did at the beginning. Very often people will say, "he's not the person I married".

You haven't changed. It's their perception of who you are that's changed. Maybe they didn't want to acknowledge qualities they didn't like before marriage, and after several years together they can't over look it. Does that make sense?

In your wife's mind she's thinking "I can't go back because he's too controlling" or "he's too inconsiderate".

You have to address that perception BEFORE you ask to get back together. Any attempt to reconcile before challenging those views will be met negatively.

So how do you change that negative perception, right? This is what many people have trouble with. You don't want to prove her wrong. A direct challenge to her belief about your character or personality will be met with negativity.

To change someone's perception you need to create doubt about that perception. Not a complete and drastic opposite. Just a doubt. If she can say to herself, "maybe he isn't ALWAYS controlling" or "maybe he isn't ALWAYS inconsiderate" it's enough to change how she thinks of you.

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