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I'm Depressed After My Breakup

I'm depressed after my breakup, I want to get back together but don't know what to do.

Depression is a very complicated cycle of misery that feeds on itself. It's not uncommon for some to reach a point where they fall into a deeper depression because they can't escape depression.

It's a punch line for many jokes, but anyone that has experienced a true bout of depression understands how serious it is. Your emotions aren't just a switch you can flip and become happy again unfortunately.

It's a process, and will take some effort to dig out of your depression. The key is to start. You have to break the cycle by changing your habits.

It's going to be hard, but needs to be done. Your depression can become a routine. You may find yourself constantly searching through old photos, reading letters, or anything that triggers the flood of negative emotions beginning the next cycle of depression.

It's also very common to want to be alone. Some don't want to be seen in a depressed state. Some believe their sadness becomes a burden to others.

That's the depression controlling your point of view. The reality is that's what friends and family are for. To help you cope with difficult life experiences.

Studies have proven breakups and relationship problems to be one of the most stressful experiences in a persons life. If you have someone trying to help you, let them. Don't be afraid to ask someone to listen to your problems either.

That's why they're there.

Giving yourself daily goals can also help you begin to break the cycle of depression. Give your mind tasks and activities to think about other than what's making you sad.

Here's your goal. Find something to keep yourself busy for one hour, that's all. It must involve thinking and cannot allow you to dwell on random thoughts that make you sad. So no television or music.

Exercise is one of the best diversions, but not always a popular choice. The point is to begin a new cycle of positive activities.

Once you begin to break the cycle of depression and pass through the grieving phase you can begin taking steps to save your relationship.

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