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Important Tips To Get A Boyfriend Back

Saving a relationship is a delicate process. Here's three tips to avoid disaster and get a boyfriend back.

Don't Beg

Breakups and reconciliations are often governed by perceptions. You don't have a good line of communication right now so a lot of what the other person is thinking is guess work.

You're also going through this right now, right? Is he mad at me? Does he hate me? When will he want to talk? Those are your questions.

He also has questions, and they're all going to be answered based on his perception of your behavior. When you beg it gives the perception of desperation.

Even if he's receptive to your begging think about how much control that gives him. He will make all the decisions because you've given up all control with your begging. He will eventually decide to end the relationship again with this approach.

Begging won't work.

Offering Sex Isn't The Solution

Offering yourself to him can feel empowering. You have something he wants and you've decided to give it to him. That's how you might feel, but it's the opposite that is true.

You should be using your intimacy as leverage to open communication. Yes, he does still want to be with you physically but that doesn't mean he wants a relationship again. That's something that needs to be talked about.

If you give yourself to him, your leverage is gone and so is his attention. Does that make sense? Use his physical desire to open communication and rebuild the relationship.

Enhance Who You Are

There are so many makeover programs out there, that it may be tempting to try and re-invent yourself. Some think making drastic changes to both appearance and personality is the way to go.

Unfortunately, it rarely works. If the changes are genuine, and something you did for yourself it will be viewed well. But if you make drastic changes to please your ex, it will be obvious and appear desperate.

That's not what you want.

Desperation is not what you're aiming for. Small changes to enhance your appearance are always well received. Trying to lose 5 pounds, updating your hairstyle, taking a trip to the nail salon are superficial changes that will be appreciated.

Just don't try to change who you are thinking it will please your ex. It won't. You can bring him back to YOU, but it will be very difficult to bring him back if he thinks you've become someone he doesn't identify with anymore.

For more in-depth tips to get a boyfriend back you can read the step by step plan in the magic of making up guide.

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