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My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me And I Want Her Back

"My girlfriend broke up with me today and I want her back. Do we still have a chance of getting back together?"

If your girlfriend just broke up with you within the past several days you need to follow this advice or you'll lose her:

Don't bombard her with phone calls
Don't visit her unannounced
Don't tell her how much you need her
Don't beg for another chance

Why am I telling you this? Because all of those actions will produce a negative reaction. They all trigger behavior that tells her to push you further away.

For example: The phone calls.

Everyone does it. You desperately want to talk after a breakup because you think you can convince her to give you another chance. So you call, but they don't call back. So you call again... and again... and again.

Here's the reality: Your ex doesn't want to talk right now. She knows you're calling. She didn't step out and miss your call. She's erasing your messages immediately after you leave them. Not only is your girlfriend not receptive to calls right now, she's close to becoming very angry.

Not good.

If you haven't made any of those mistakes above you're in excellent shape, because it means your girlfriend will be more receptive to communication in the near future. It makes the reconciliation much easier.

If you DID make some of those mistakes, you need to do some damage control so she'll start talking to you again. If your girlfriend recently broke up with you and you want her back the Magic Of Making Up can show you the steps other guys have used to win back their girlfriend.

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