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My Girlfriend Left Me For Another Guy

My girlfriend left me for another guy and I don't know what I should do to win her back.

The first thing you want to try to understand is why women leave for other men. Is it because he's better looking? Makes more money?


Women are incredibly loyal, not to men, but to relationships. They perceive your time together as a type of investment. So for them to abandon that investment it means they think something is wrong or missing from the relationship.

If she senses something is lacking, she'll look outside the relationship to fill the gap. Does that make sense? It's not you, or the other guy that was the deciding factor. It was the relationship.

So how do you fix it?

If you were together for a good length of time it means she already has a comfort level with you, and it's more appealing for her to go back to an old relationship that start completely over with a new one.

What you want to do, is help her realize you two are good fit and the relationship is worth coming back to. Don't attack the new guy. You'll end up offending her, and she'll start ignoring you.

You want to appeal to her "comfort" with you. If she feels she can talk to you once again, she'll start to think about getting back together. Remember, in her mind she already has a lot invested in you. And it's easier for her to go back, then move forward.

If you don't know what you need to say to regain her trust again, the Magic Of Making Up offers a step-by-step plan others have used to get their girlfriend back.

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