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My Wife Left Me How Do I Get Her Back

My wife left me how do I get her back? I've tried calling and begging, but she says it's over. When faced with the reality of losing your wife and family, it can leave you feeling depressed and a little desperate.

The First Time Your Wife Leaves You

Marriage is such a massive commitment of both time and energy, that most marriages will go through several separations before it's finally over. Women, more than men, will value time invested in the relationships. If you have children together then the bond will stay in tact because she not only thinks of herself but also the interest of your children.

Often, there will be a "trial separation" that is intended to show you the severity of the the problems. It's an attention getter, trying to get you to take action to save your relationship. Sometimes she will want to try marriage counseling but most couples will try to fix the problems on their own.

The Finality Of Divorce

If you've gone the trial separation, but haven't been able to fix the problems to your wife's satisfaction, the dreaded "D" word enters the equation. Is divorce truly final? When you leave the house and papers are filed, it doesn't mean your relationship is over and there's nothing you can do. A healthy percentage of men are able to convince their wife the relationship is worth saving and give it another chance.

Typically, the longer you've been together the more likely you are to stop the divorce proceedings and give the relationship one more chance.

What To Do Now

It's important to understand the emotional process of getting a divorce and ending a marriage. Your focus right now is no doubt on getting your wife and perhaps kids back, but that is not the first step. Stopping the divorce, and moving back into the house is the final step.

There are several steps that lead up to reconciliation and the first is always to repair your communication. Your ability to communicate and share thoughts is always a top priority. When your wife feels you aren't listening or don't talk to her anymore she may feel the relationship is threatened.

You want to give her a sense of control, and let her know you're prepared to talk and listen without arguing. A simple letter explaining how you'd like to stop fighting and arguing can re-establish your communication in a very short time. It's important to avoid including any pressure or hints of blame when trying to repair your relationship.

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