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Three Reasons Begging Won't Get Your Ex Back

When you feel all is lost, you reach a point where you consider begging for another chance. Below are three reasons why begging never works.

Begging Makes You Look Desperate

Begging is usually the last line of defense when trying to save your relationship. You've tried talking, calling, but nothing's working.

In your greatest hour of desperation, guess how your actions will be perceived? Yup, as a desperate person. It's very hard to hide that sense of desperation. And once your ex gets a hint of it, they'll feel compelled to continue with the separation.

You have to keep in mind that you always want to maintain a desirable quality as a partner. If you're toying with the idea of getting on your knees and groveling for forgiveness -- DON'T. That's not how you're going to win your ex back.

You'll Become Less Valuable

A common reaction after an unexpected breakup is to throw yourself at your ex either physically or emotionally. You figure if you can have one more intimate encounter, you'll save the relationship.

But it rarely works that way and almost always has the opposite effect. Yes, they do value your affection and intimacy, but by giving it to them you've lost any remaining leverage you had.

Withholding your intimacy actually maintains their interest longer, because you have something they want and crave.

Begging Is A Form Of Arguing

This is the hardest concept for most to understand. You're begging for another chance, telling them you'll do anything they want. So how can that be arguing, right?

It's not a direct confrontation. By trying to salvage the relationship, you're also preventing your partner from accomplishing what they want so it's perceived as an argument.

They want to breakup and your actions are saying, "No, I'm not letting you go". Once they perceive the situation as an argument, they get defensive which makes communicating more difficult.

If you've made the mistake of begging and pleading, the full version of the Magic Of Making Up can walk you through the correct steps to save your relationship.

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