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Signs Of Failing Relationships

Are there signs of failing relationships and what can you do to fix it? What should I do if they want to breakup?

Communication Is Everything

When most people think of relationships they think about falling in love, or physical attraction but the most important element of every relationship is communication.

It's also one of the main reasons for failing relationships.

When the relationship is new, you don't realize how much information you're exchanging so you kind of take it for granted.

But it becomes painfully obvious at the end of the relationship how damaged the communication has become.

How do you fix it? You can't force someone to open up and be totally honest about their feelings and concerns about the relationship. It has to be a conscious and willing decision.

What you can do, is create an environment that allows that decision to take place.

Be mindful of the words you're using and how it impacts their thought process. That means when they do start talking about the problems don't cut them off, or tell them they're wrong.

In a lot of cases, just talking about the problem out loud will help ease some of the tension.

Constant Arguing

When you feel the relationship coming to an end there's always constant arguing that prevents you from making progress. You have to be very pro-active in this situation to make sure the arguing stops.

If that means you need to relent on certain positions, then it's something that needs to be done.

If you're afraid a breakup is coming, it's not the best time to feel stubborn about arguing. Make sure the arguments are worth fighting about.

People will often fight about petty things, because they're upset about unrelated problems. If it's not critical to your happiness, move on and let the argument come to an end.


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