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Why Did My Boyfriend Break Up With Me?

Why did my boyfriend breakup with me? I still don't know what went wrong and why he decided to leave.

The specific reasons for a breakup are always different, but the thought process you and your boyfriend will go through is very common.

Is There Something Wrong With Me?

At some point the person who was broken up with will begin to question themselves as a partner. Did I do something wrong? Is there something wrong with me?

But the most damaging question that can create a bout with depression is: Why doesn't he want me? It makes you feel less valuable, and less desirable. It also creates the problem of perception because those emotions are difficult to hide, and if your boyfriend sees you in that state it confirms his decision to separate.

So why did he leave? It sounds like a cliche, but it's often true. It's not about you, it's him. His perception of you or the relationship has changed, and he thinks he needs to find someone else.

Basically, he thinks something is wrong with the relationship and he needs to find a new relationship to be happy.

How Do I Get My Boyfriend Back?

You need to address the change in perception, but not directly. You can't approach him, put him in a corner, and force him to tell you what changed. That approach will trigger a very negative reaction.

So you can't interrogate him. But you can influence him enough to question his change in perception. That's all you need to do for him to give the relationship another chance.

Every major decision has one thing in common, the feeling of regret. Did I make a mistake? Was I wrong to leave?

Those are questions everyone cycles through and struggles with. It's proven psychological behavior. To get him back you need to play on those doubts.

If you can influence him enough to question his decision to leave, it will be enough to get back together.

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