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Will My Husband Come Back To Me?

My husband left and wants a divorce. Will my husband come back to me and what should I do?

Your marriage creates long term perceptions and long term problems that can be very hard to change. If your husband has an issue with the relationship for several years, it's very hard to get him to change the way her views the problem.

So how can you solve problems in this scenario?

There's going to be immediate confrontation with any strong beliefs your husband may have. If you try to convince him that he's wrong, that his issues are wrong, it's only going to get worse.

It also leads to the problem where he thinks you aren't "hearing" or "listening" to his problems. What he means is you aren't understanding or empathizing to his satisfaction.

First step: Stop arguing.

Every form of arguing will just escalate the tension and confrontation, so it needs to stop. You will likely have issues with the marriage, but you'll need to swallow some pride and put those issues on hold.

A common mistake is to make progress with your husband's issues, then you remember "I have issues too". When you introduce your problems it destroys all progress. So address his issues first, then at a later time you can begin to discuss your personal concerns.

It may not seem fair that his problems are given primary attention, but you're out of leverage and running out of time if he's asked for a divorce so you have to solve his problems first to keep the relationship together.

Solving one problem, or one person's problem, at a time will be much more productive then trying to solve both of your problems in one argument.

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