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The Magic Of Making Up Case Study: Big Mistake

Male: Mike

His real name isn't Mike, but that's what we're going to call him. He watched all the videos, read all the articles and decided to start applying some of the tactics without having the full version of The Magic Of Making Up.

So he sent the breakup letter as his opening move. It was accepted and they parted on reasonable terms setting up a future communication. He was very disciplined, in the no contact rule.

Didn't call, didn't text. Very strict.

Well, guess what happened. His ex girlfriend started calling him to see how he was doing. It's a normal reaction and expected.


Mike didn't know what to do next.

So he goes over to her house un-announced, which is never recommended. It violates their space and their trust. Now his ex girlfriend is thoroughly pissed at him and won't return his calls and wants nothing to do with him.

The opening move of the guide was working for him, but now his situation is far worse. It's a long journey. After that initial contact there are at least ten moves and strategies to apply to get them on a date, then back into a relationship.

If you're going to try some of the strategies without knowing your next move you're essentially flying blind and will most likely cause more harm than good.

Mike has a lot of rehabilitation to do, and will have to re-apply the no contact rule before trying to re-establish contact.

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